Amazing! I have not felt this good in an awful long time, and that's after just one Reiki treatment. The whole experience was wonderful. I felt so relaxed, so calm. The only way I can describe it is to say that I was being "put back together again." Janine was very gentle and friendly and explained everything to me before she started. The room was peaceful and relaxing, with lowered lighting and soothing music. With each new hand position, I experienced either a little warmth or a great deal of warmth, and again she explained why this was. She started at my head and worked down through my body to my feet and then I turned over and she did my back, etc. The treatment took about an hour and was just a warm relaxing feeling of freedom. Again I'll say, WOW! I was almost pain free for 10 days afterwards. I feel so much better about myself, I am calmer and more relaxed than I can ever remember. I will be having another treatment this week about a month after the first and I know the experience will be a welcome one.

David, Cancer patient in constant pain, London May 2011

Off and on for most of my life I have had problems associated with my back. These include severely painful spinal stenosis (now largely under control), a marked limp and a strange awareness of the left side of my body from crown to foot that has me feeling it is independent of the rest of me. Latterly I walked slowly with the aid of a stick, often bent at an angle. I’ve tried several ways to fix these problems—self-hypnosis, for example, has and does help me cope but so far there’s been no cure. And I really knew nothing about the worth of energy healing for Reiki sounded just a little “New Agey” until I met Janine. Her cogent explanations of the system’s method and philosophy so piqued my interest that when she generously offered to try to help with a healing session, I most gratefully accepted. The process was pleasurable, the results astonishing! Who would have imagined that only the committed attention of the practitioner and the gentle placing of hands over the eyes and points of pain could cause a sense first of warmth and then bit by bit achieve the complete relaxation of taut muscles all down the left side and the solar plexus? I swung my legs down off Janine’s table to find myself standing straight as a grenadier, limber, able to go up and down stairs at a trot and touch my toes for the first time in ten years—free of pain; a little later a bone in the sacroiliac slipped itself back in place. Life can indeed begin again at age 81!

Daphne Reece, San Francisco, USA

I came to see Janine with the world on my shoulders and a permanent lump in my throat; bottled up tensions and lots of emotional pain, with tears always very close to the surface. I was constantly tired and emotionally spent - caring for others and neglecting myself. Janine, instinctively picked up my needs and proceeded with gentleness, kindness and understanding to draw all the pain out. The warmth of her hands astonished me. There was no intrusive probing - just a natural process of healing. During my first treatment, when she put her hands on my throat, I experienced a great emotional release of pent up hurts and pain. For years I have felt physically bruised, but afterwards the bruising had gone and I continued to experience gentle peace and inner stillness in the ensuing days. I omitted to mention to Janine during the initial consultation that I had had a bad fall and that my hip was troubling me. When she put her hands on my knees and feet, however, I felt heat rising straight up my leg directly to the source of the pain, alleviating the symptoms. At my second treatment, I was far calmer and there were no tears, no anxieties, and I feel, for the first time in many years, that I am genuinely on the road to a very good place with appropriate, self-protective boundaries. I have been inspired to turn my face in the direction my heart is telling me to go, and to trust that my feet will follow.

Jenny Kennedy - Newport - Wales

When I visited Janine in July I was not in the least concerned about my smoking habit ... nor my love of good food and tendency to weigh more than I should. Neither bad habit has ever bothered me. I went on holiday to the Lake District after having two sessions of Reiki with you. I gained no weight on holiday, if anything I lost weight. This was noticed by friends and family on my return. I did not feel like eating rubbish and I did not feel like eating too much. I felt a need to eat salads, and fruit and fish and go gently with the food! I lived on salads and fresh fish mostly and this surprised me as I am a big meat eater. The next thing was that I have given up smoking. I woke up one day and decided that I did not want that taste in my mouth, and was not going to walk to the shop to buy cigarettes, if I walked anywhere it was going to be for fresh air, not nicotine. I am amazed. My son has suggested that, after Reiki, my body decided to detoxify ......... and that in listening to my body I am 'healing' right from inside ........................ I feel great, have a renewed confidence and am really thrilled with the new 'me'.

Rachel - Wales
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